Boat Watch Services

MyBoatWatch provides regularly-scheduled boat security checks for boat owners on the Sunshine Coast

What do We do?

Do you worry about your boat when you are not there?

Is your boat covered by your insurance policy if it is left empty?

Has your boat ever been broken into or vandalized? (Remember, humans are not the only creatures who vandalize property!)

Has your bilge pump ever stopped working?

Many insurance policies specify in the fine print, that the policy is invalid if the boat is left unattended for a specified period of time. This time period can vary, but it is usually very short (3–5 days). MyBoatWatch can keep your policy valid with regular, documented, and reported checks of your boat when you cannot be there.

The winter of 2008–2009 was a winter to remember (or forget for many). With a ton of snow and unusually cold weather, and strong winds created a disaster for many boat owners who were frantic to find local handymen, and trades people to fix broken tarps, ropes, fenders, and windows... quickly! It had to be done well, and done fast!

MyBoatWatch was there to help then and can provide emergency services for your boat, if needed, at any time of year. As a locally owned and operated business, we have access to numerous people on The Coast in all the marine trades who can quickly fix anything, anytime. Your worries are over!

MyBoatWatch will watch over your boat and check it at regularly scheduled times or on a customized schedule according to your personal needs. (See our pricing page for details and to create your own schedule.)

We service the entire Sunshine Coast, including Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Davis Bay, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Madeira Park, Pender Harbour, Egmont and all places in between.



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